Campaign Looking for DE Volunteers

Got an e-mail yesterday from someone with the campaign looking for PA volunteers to work DE in anticipation of their Tsunami Tuesday primary.  I plan on volunteering, but I am somewhat bemused that they think it’s a good idea to start pounding the pavement and calling people at home the week before Christmas.

I know it seems like the primary is right on top of us.  We’ve been talking about this election for a coon’s age, and we’re now coming up on some actual voting.  Seems to me, though, they have over a month to cover all of DE without hassling people during Christmas.

If other candidates are doing it, I would instead send out a piece of direct mail wishing GOP voters a Merry Christmas, and warning them they’ll probably hear from the campaign in the New Year.  After all, DE polls are pretty thin on the ground, but all the ones I can find indicate Team Rudy has the inside line on those 23 “winner take all” delegates.

I know every delegate counts, but still…

UPDATE: At least one Delaware paper is backing Giuliani:  The Foster Daily Democrat’s endorsement is here.  For today only!  PA for Hizzoner is now DE for Hizzoner.

Seriously, I have no idea what that endorsement does or doesn’t mean.  My knowledge of the First State’s media landscape is pretty sketchy.  That said, I’ve always been a fan of this plucky underdog of a state, and an admirer of their fiscal policy.  It’s true:  I’ve purchased more than one big ticket item at the big box stores right across the border to avoid sales tax.


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