National GOP Ambivalent About GOP Votes

Rich Lowry of National Review presents one reason why our primary system is incoherent on NRO’s Corner blog:

“Has this ever happened before? This is kind of amazing. I’m looking at CNN exit polls at the numbers for self-identified Republicans. McCain lost self-identified Republicans by a point in New Hampshire (oddly, he won registered Republicans); he lost self-identified Republicans by 14 points in Michigan; and he tied among self-identified Republicans in South Carolina and Florida. In other words, McCain is close to the presumptive nominee GOP nominee without having won self-identified Republican voters anywhere. What an extraordinary—and utterly unlikely—path to the nomination. Presumably, with his front-runner status enhanced, McCain will now begin to win self-identified Republicans, but he has pulled the political equivalent of an inside-straight to get here.”

That’s right:  The presumptive GOP nominee has yet to have a convincing win in a GOP primary dominated by Republicans.

His last remaining real challenger wouldn’t even be able to stay in the race, either, if he didn’t have millions of dollars on which he never paid income taxes.  Of course, he paid capital gains taxes.  Nice work if you can get it…


2 responses to “National GOP Ambivalent About GOP Votes

  1. I am heart sick that Rudy will not be president!I am furious that those voting before me make their choices and I am stuck with choosing the best of their left overs! I so agree this is dysfunctional and needs to be overhauled. I am so disappointed today, so very sad. Rudy was my choice; the only choice for America

  2. Chin up, Dana. The country has muddled through worse.

    In the meantime, though, it is now the job of concerned citizens to work at the local level to improve the system by which we elect our president.

    It seems to me that all rational people– regardless of their politics– agree that something needs to be done.

    For now, I am investigating what needs to be done to ensure “uncomitted” is an option on PA’s primary ballot.

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