Like Mitt or McCain? If Not, Vote for Uncommitted.

Welcome to PA For Uncommitted Delegates.  This blog’s purpose is to encourage Pennsylvania’s delegates to the national party conventions to remain uncommitted, and if the choice of the nominee is fait accompli, to abstain in protest of the insane and anti-democratic way we select the President of the United States.

This blog was born out of Mayor Giuliani’s abortive run at the Presidency.  If you are interested for historical reasons in my meager place in that endeavor, go visit PA for Hizzoner, which briefly attained notice.

My interest in  Giuliani’s candidacy led me to what seems to me what Newt would call an “80% issue”.  This is an issue that virtually everyone can agree on that politicians would be wise to “stand next to and smile.”

For me, that issue is our asinine primary system, which we will discuss at some length here.

Perhaps more controversially, I am animated by how our major political parties seem to internally select candidates their broader constituencies find lacking.

[NOTE: This post was updated after the fact to hopefully adjust the description displayed on major search engines.]


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