Dueling PA GOP Endorsements

State GOP chair Bob Gleason has endorsed McCain.  Fightin’ Rick Santorum is now a Romney man. [HT Pennsyltucky & The Corner, respectively]

Rick has been hurling invective at McCain for months now like a monkey flinging poo, so this is no surprise.  Gleason is a party man, and front-runner, so his endorsement is to be expected as well.  Besides, our state GOP leaders have always been McCain men, I think.

One wonders how attracted the GOP establishment will be to my uncommitted idea, eh?

I mean, Santorum was an advocate for an uncommitted delegation, but appears to have succumbed to his personal loathing of Mac.  Gleason’s counterpart for for County GOP– Skip Brion– has not yet responded to my e-mail.  The new political director for County HQ has not responded to my entreaty for advice, either.

Perhaps they’re just busy.  I would remind all of them, though, that this is an issue on which all voters would agree reform is necessary.  I would also remind them that– as shocking as it sounds– most voters care as much about internal political party priorities as they do about the status of the solution to the Poincaré Theorem, or about personal and rancorous spats in consciousness studies.

In short, at a state level, or in our case Commonwealth level, this issue could generate votes for someone who chose to spend a few minutes talking about it.  And the only risk is with the party itself.  Last I checked the party was supposed to represent GOP voters, not the other way ’round.

UPDATE: Skip Brion, the head of my county GOP committee, was indeed just busy.  With committee stuff.  Not even his day job.  One wonders where he finds the time!  Anyhow, we are communicating, and he seems in general agreement that the lack of influence PA GOP voters have on determining the presidential nominee is less than ideal.


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