Correction + Wondering About Protest Vote’s “Irrelevancy”

Swapped some e-mails with Skip Brion, Chester County’s GOP chair.  He corrected me, in that Chester County has only one delegate going to the GOP convention, not two.  We voted on a delegate and alternate, and Rep. Gerlach is the delegate.

Skip also mused that perhaps a protest vote would be irrelevant unless the convention was brokered, which looks increasingly unlikely.  I don’t mean to imply he has a position on the matter.  If he does, he hasn’t shared it with me.  He probably wouldn’t, either, since I publish all this on the web!

Anyhow, it seems to be his suggestion isn’t quite right.  After all, if the convention is indeed brokered, a protest vote would be more powerful as it would have bearing on who became the nominee.  If there is a clear nominee, though, it would be nothing more than a clear protest at the absurdity of the primary process.  Nothing more.  It couldn’t be misinterpreted.


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