Tension Between Theory & Practice: Pennsylvania Ron Paul Delegates

I am beginning to realize many of my posts are going to have to open with caveats.  The caveat for this post is:  Please recognize that I do NOT support Ron Paul.  I cannot be more explicit about this.  I’ve been a registered Libertarian.  I’m not any more, and don’t ever want to be one again, at least as long as that party remains the mothership of so many people who may be happier after heavy doses of Thorazine.

That said, GOP Paul supporters in Pennylvania are performing a critical service by running their own delegation candidates.  This is forcing the Commonwealth’s GOP to mobilize to ensure a delegation unencumbered in any way by the wishes of the voters travels to the GOP convention rather than delegates who are actually being straightforward and honest with the voters about who they support.

To that, I say bully for them.  You see, if a registered Republican wants to run to be a delegate with an expressed preference for Paul, that is legally his or her prerogative.  It also happens to be the transparently hilarious reasoning of how the system is designed to work here in PA where the votes of regular registered republicans on primary day have no formal relationship at all with the actions of the GOPs Pennsylvania delegation at the national convention.  Remember, Dr. Paul is a Republican.

Of course, PA’s state GOP committee ought to be expected to mobilize to support the delegation candidates who have already been endorsed by the party.  The same delegation candidates who– as far as I am aware– have not expressed any formal preference at all as to who the presidential nominee of our party should be.

I suppose it is possible the Paul-bearers are running delegation candidates who are trying to sneak in without telling people who they support.  As I said, Libertarianism is overrun by unsavory elements, so I wouldn’t put it past them.  If that were the case, their actions would be unacceptable.

Of course, in that case their actions would pretty much mirror precisely what we GOP insiders are already doing.


3 responses to “Tension Between Theory & Practice: Pennsylvania Ron Paul Delegates

  1. “Thorazine”? — come on, be decent.

  2. Thought I answered this earlier. Guess I messed it up.

    I kid because I love. I am– broadly speaking– Libertarian-ish. I was a registered Libertarian for a number of years. Perhaps I could have happily aged as a “moderate” libertarian.

    The movement, though, just has irreducibly wide margins on the fringe: The nihilist libertines on one side, and Randian radical individualists on the other.

  3. It’s all about the delegates! Thing I really want to know is…

    Mitt Romney. Presidential candidate, or time-traveling android?

    The Romneybot looks like what our future robot overlords imagine we humans want in a president after researching hours of “The West Wing.”

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