Rendell: “Denying…popular will” Might Be His Job

Josh at The Morning Call’s blog covering the presidential race has some helpful information on the Pennsylvania delegation to the democrat national convention.

The Dems have what they call “super-delegates”, evoking images of a person who can drink three times his body weight in mai tais, or wear more buttons on his blazer than angels can dance on the head of a pin.  Really, they are just delegates to the democratic national convention unbound to the will of the voters.

Ed Rendell is one of those super-delegates, which means I may not have been all that off with the above image of massive alcohol consumption.  He is publicly backing Clinton.  He has said, though, “…if Sen. Obama comes in with 300, 350 more delegates in the primary process I am going to have a hard time denying what would be the popular will.”

To his credit, at least he thinks denying the will of his constituents would be difficult.  But should he do so for Ms. Clinton, who knows what kind of awesome favors he would be owed, especially if the upcoming turnpike leasing scheme somehow benefits a shell company owned by the Riady family!  I’m sure he could man up and do the needful.

Anyway, in case you’re curious, here’s the list of PA democrat super-delegates with an expressed preference, also from Josh’s blog:

Gov. Ed Rendell
T.J. Rooney
Jean Milko
Rep. Allyson Schwartz
Rep. Joe Sestak
Rep. Paul Kanjorski

Rep. Patrick Murphy
Rep. Chaka Fattah

I probably haven’t said it for a while:  Josh is doing great work over there at the Allentown Morning Call making the big papers look silly.

The Clinton column, it seems to me, should change their minds or start raising money for a competitive primary.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why someone on the Left would support Clinton over Obama.  Sure, she’s more familiar with the levers of government, and more serious on foreign policy.  But that don’t mean nuthin’ unless she’s elected.  She could conceivably lose.  Obama can’t.


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