Internal Discontent Amongst Democrat Leaders Over Super-Delegates

There is a flurry of speculation on the innerwebs about the Democrat National Convention.  [ht here and below to NRO’s Corner]  The super-Tuesday virtual tie between Clinton and Obama has everyone newly interested on how, exactly, the major parties nominate their presidential general election candidates.

Apparently Donna Brazile, long time Democrat party flak and former presidential campaign manager for Al Gore, has threatened to leave the party if “795 of my colleagues and I decide this election against the will of the pledged delegates.”  795 represents the number of unpledged delegates at their convention.  Those superdelegates are comprised of members of the Democratic National Convention, Democrat congresscritters, Democrat governors, and “distinguished party leaders”.  The latter includes ex-presidents, former democrat congressmen and women, people like that.  Full-ish description here.

Sounds to me like those super-delegates will cozy up to the Clinton machine like lizards to a warm rock.

Look, I may disagree with Brazile on virtually everything.  But what I do know about her suggests she’s been a sincere and loyal member of her party for decades more motivated by altruism than venality and rent-seeking.  In other words, one of those Democrats with whom it is worth dialoguing.

If me and her are both disgusted by the way our parties nominate presidential candidates we have a real bipartisan cause.  Furthermore, if Donna Freaking Brazile is disgusted by the way her party nominates presidents, and the system hasn’t changed, it seems to me we have at least one data point suggesting people more powerful than us like it just the way it is.

For some preliminary spitballing on how the democratic national convention would actully be run if it was brokered, check out this link. What you will discover is the mechanics of the convention would actually matter:  What speakers will be invited, in what order they appear, who they support, what does the platform actually say, minutiae like that.

Those sorts of things are generally run by the presumptive nominee’s staff.  In the absence of such a nominee, they become run by people like Nancy Pelosi and members of the Democratic National Committee.  So it seems to me Ms. Brazile is confirming for casual observers what we all already know:  If the Dem race is close, the fix will be in for Ms. Clinton.


One response to “Internal Discontent Amongst Democrat Leaders Over Super-Delegates

  1. I will also leave the party if the superdelegates decide against the people’s vote. I I think we have to speak loudly and clearly about that right now, so people don’t start getting any funny ideas.

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