Huckabee, Pennsylvania, and the GOP

As I’ve noted, the PA GOP has endorsed John McCain.  This will likely greatly influence the votes of our unbound delegates to the GOP convention.

Thing is, Mike Huckabee hasn’t quit yet.  And since Tsunami Tuesday he’s won Kansas and Louisiana, and may or may not have upset McCain in Washington State this past weekend.  We don’t know yet.

In Pennsylvania, the most recent polling suggests his support in the Commonwealth is commensurate with that of John McCain, and his electability here against Hillary and Barack are similar as well.  Take a look at these Rasmussen numbers, for example.  And keep in mind those numbers were taken before the Huckster was the only anti-McCain option.

Furthermore, he’s just received the endorsements of influential conservative and Heritage Foundation co-founder Paul Weyrich, and social conservative bigwig James Dobson.  Those endorsements could mean something upstate.

Nevertheless, the PA GOP decided to endorse McCain prior to Pennsylvania’s kabuki primary in April.

Thus the Pennsylvania GOP cares more about the primary votes of independents in New Hampshire and retired New York republicans in Florida than it does about the will of republican voters in the Keystone State.

I’ll be hanging around Chester County GOP HQ later today, turning in some primary petitions.  I’ll see what the word on the street is regarding the state party endorsement.  I’ll also start the process of getting a list of people running to be delegates come primary time.

In case you’re wondering, I am not running to be a delegate.  I probably should have, but I selflessly spent my signature time ensuring my continued status as a committeeman, and also making sure Steve Kantrowitz and Guy Ciarrocchi had enough signatures.  They’ll be running for the state house seat in district 157, and state senate seat for district 19, respectively.


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