Joe Lieberman No Longer Democratic Super-Delegate

You may have heard Joe Lieberman endorsed McCain for president.  For that apostasy, he will longer have his super-delegate vote at the Democrat National Convention.  [ht K-Lo at The Corner]

That is, of course, the prerogative of the Democratic National Committee.  It could be interesting, though, to see exactly where the line for such enforcement will be drawn.  They have now established they will enforce the Zell Miller rule– which was established when Democrat Miller endorsed Bush for president.  That seems reasonable.

One wonders, though, what other heresies will invoke the wrath of the DNC.  How about supporting the surge in Iraq?  Being against affirmative action?  Being for parental notification for underage girls seeking abortions?  Stay tuned.

I found especially rich this quotation from Connecticut Democratic Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo:  “He’s virtually turned his back on friends who did a lot for him over so many years.”  Like that rock-solid support in his primary race against Ned LaMont, I guess.

Also, according to that piece in the Yale Daily News, the breakdown of declared preferences for Democrat super-delegates in Connecticut– which will be updated on new the Democratic superdelegate page up top– is the following:

Total: 11

Obama: 6

Clinton: 1

Undeclared: 5

As the Tsunami Tuesday primary vote in Connecticut was much closer than this, we oddly discover that Ms. Clinton is actually getting screwed.

Finally, a note to Kathryn Baldwin of the Yale College Republicans, who thinks this super-delegate situation is “odd”, and Victor Zapana, the writer of the piece who says the GOP does not employ such a system:  In Pennsylvania, at least, the delegates could vote for George McGovern if they felt like it, and there’s nothing the GOP can do about it.


2 responses to “Joe Lieberman No Longer Democratic Super-Delegate

  1. What’s so unusual about a Republican endorsing another Republican? 🙂

  2. Seems to me like Lieberman gets a pretty bad rap from the Dems. I mean, he agrees with the Republicans on one pretty major issue– the War on Terror– but is pretty much center-left on everything else.

    Over in donkey-land, that’s enough to get you excommunicated from the party. In elephant-ville, though, you can be on your third wife, sue gun-owners, and be pro-life and still happily call the GOP your home. This is coming from a former Giuliani supporter, mind you.

    Which party is really more inclusive. Hmmm?

    Of course, it’s entirely appropriate for the DNC to yank his super-delegate vote. Like I said, though, if former pro-life PA politico Bob Casey were still alive, would he be able to keep his?

    Hint as to the answer: Whether or not he remained a super-delegate would probably have nothing to do with his being pro-life. Nor would it have anything to do with the will of Pennsylvania’s voters.

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