GOP Delegation Candidates Listed At Link Above

The identity of those who have filed to run as delegates to the PA GOP delegation to the Republican National Convention is now available at a link above.  You can also click here.

There are 167 names.  Only 62 delegates are elected.  That means there’s some competition, especially in congressional districts 3,7,11,15,18, and 19, where there’s more than three people running for each delegate slot, on average.

That’s Erie, the suburbs southeast of Philadelphia, the Poconos, Allentown, the Pittsburgh suburbs west to the Ohio border, and York/Gettysburg.  If you can find a common denominator to those districts, fill me in.  Are some of those folks supporters of Ron Paul?  Hopefully there’s more going on than a competition to win an invitation to party in lovely Minnesota.

Also, if you’re one of those delegates and want to tell me who you support, and how those you hope to represent can get in touch with you, please e-mail me at karlub at yahoo dot com.

As I mention elsewhere, I will fill you in on the presidential preference of each delegate candidate as I learn them, and also hope to include their contact information.  I will also indicate which of them are the endorsed candidates of the party.


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