Meet Jason Rae: Democratic Superdelegate from Wisconsin

Jason Rae is a junior in college, and the youngest person ever elected to the Democratic National Committee.  As such, he is getting personal phone calls from Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and others.  He even had breakfast with Chelsea Clinton at the Marquette student union the other day!

Now, as super-delegates go, Jason is handling himself rather well.  He refuses to endorse before the Wisconsin primary, he’s been a senate page, and he seems to work his butt off for the party.  I will not be a voice in the chorus suggesting he’s uninformed or brainwashed, simply because of his age.  We may disagree on a lot, but I’ll wager he’s more informed than 99% of the population, and best he’s enough of a policy wonk to back me into a corner on an issue or two.

I will suggest, though, a system is broken if it’s prone to create images so surreal as Bill Clinton calling the cell phone of an ambitious young man who’s really good at social networking and making campaign signs, like a less sexy version of Tracy Flick in the movie Election.

Puts a bit of a different spin on this clip, don’t it? [ht ought to go to someone, but I can’t remember who.  Sorry!]

Watching that, I’d say the Clinton campaign can probably be confident of Jason’s support.  Feel free to prove me wrong, Jason!

Finally, take a look at this alleged picture of Jason.  I’m sure he’s going to turn out very handsome in a nebbbishy sort of way, but that photo is less than flattering.  Now take another look at how Chelsea’s turned out.  Now, I’m not saying it was appropriate for Shuster to suggest the Clinton’s were “pimping” out Chelsea.  But I certainly understand the thought.  Of course, I’m a blogger and he’s on TeeVee, so different rules.

But Chelsea is now 27 years old and playing politics.  I’m afraid Bill and Hillary are going to have to deal with the fact the ‘helpless daughter’ rules don’t apply anymore.

UPDATE:  See this post.  Apparently Jason would be unswayed by feminine charm…And it seems I was right.  Jason did turn out nebishly handsome.


One response to “Meet Jason Rae: Democratic Superdelegate from Wisconsin

  1. Mr Rae, thankyou for your support for Obama. Obama is not only good for your country but we in the rest of the world need a leader of the Obama type for the good of humanity

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