PA Democratic Superdelegate Status Update Above

Thanks to the ever indispensable Josh at The Morning Call a full list of Pennsylvania’s democratic super-delegates can be found at a page accessed with a link above.  Or here, if you’re lazy.

Also to appear there will be the names of all people running to be uncommitted delegates in the Pennsylvania GOP delegation. Remember, they are not legally bound in any way to vote for anyone in particular, and they have to be elected in the April primary.  The deadline to hand in signatures to appear on the ballot was today.  No biggie if you missed it.  You can always run a write-in campaign if you want, which with a little effort you could conceivably win.  I may go ahead and do that myself if my nominated delegate– Skip Brion– categorically refuses to consider a protest vote.

That presidential primary vote which will also appear on the ballot in April is just a meaningless distraction, remember.

In addition to the names of the people running, I will also post contact information if I can find it.  After all, the average voter is allegedly supposed to know who these delegates support.  So I might as well help y’all find out!


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