Washington State GOP: Your Vote Doesn’t Matter, And We Might Not Count It Anyway

There’s some unhappy republican voters in Washington State.  You see, the state party decided to call John McCain the winner of their caucus before they actually bothered counting all the votes.  Funnily, these caucus votes don’t actually bind anyone to do anything anyway.

Here’s a link here to an e-mail sent to the folks at NRO laying it out.  Basically, what seems to have happened is the folks in more rural areas mail in their votes to HQ in Seattle.  They called McCain the winner before these votes showed up, so they only counted about 87% of the total votes, even though it was rather close.

Money sentences from the e-mail the disgruntled Washington GOP caucus-goer sent to NRO include:

So my question to the party was whether or not we should have even shown up to caucus? … It is this kind of treatment by the party establishment that has fueled the suspicions of the grass roots folk such as me. … And for what it is worth, my precinct did not include ONE McCain vote.  And we were not counted by Luke Esser?”

I for one think Luke could have gone the extra mile and actually counted your votes, sir.  Take comfort in this, though:  At least they have highlighted the absurdity of your meaningless caucus vote by giving it the due diligence its legal status merits.

Besides, at least they counted some of them!  Here in Pennsylvania the state GOP endorsed McCain before anyone anywhere voted for anything.


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