Bloodbath Coming in Democratic Nomination

Obama now has a delegate lead in the race to become the democratic presidential nominee.  He leads in pledged delegates, he leads when superdelegates who have declared a preference are included, and he still barely leads when Florida and Michigan are included, which the DNC previously rendered impotent for their impudence in moving up their primaries.

Hillary has an uphill battle.  Of course, she could just bow out for the good of the party….

Just kidding!

This analysis is courtesy of NBC Political Director Chuck Todd, link here because WordPress won’t let me embed this clip for some reason.

Will Florida and Michigan be included?  What will the super-delegates do?

Wouldn’t it be funny if it still turned out Pennsylvania’s primary doesn’t matter for the Democrats, too?  And wouldn’t it be nice if we had a system where people just voted for the major party’s nominees, we counted the votes, and then knew who won?

Don’t get me started on the inanity of computerized voting machines…


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