PA GOP Delegate List Updated: District 1 and District 16 Mostly Done

See the link above asking Who are the Pennsylvania GOP delegates and Democratic Superdelegates; How Will They Vote?  You have a list of all people running to be part of the Pennsylvania delegation to the GOP National Convention, contact information for them, how they foresee themselves executing their delegational responsibilities, if they support a particular candidate, and if they would consider a protest vote.

At least you have this for districts 1 and 16.  This may take a week to finish.

It’s not too hard to figure out which ones are the Paulistas, God bless ’em.  They leave a pretty prominent trail on the innernuts.

Thus far, I find the endorsed delegates surprisingly receptive to at least considering a protest abstention at the convention.  Something along the lines of “We love the presumptive nominee and know he will be the best president in the history of the universe, but our primary system is wack so we abstain in protest.”


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