PA GOP Primary Results Officially In: They Won’t Matter

Did you stay up late last night awaiting the results of the Pennsylvania primary?  It certainly was dramatic waiting for the results from western Virginia to come in, but in the end the Huckster just couldn’t eat into enough of McCain’s support amongst moderates.

So by voting for McCain the other Commonwealth in the Union, Virginia, officially determined the results of Pennsylvania’s GOP primary.  And all the other remaining GOP primaries to boot.  In the words of McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis [ht Byron York at NRO]:

“The results from tonight’s primary elections in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., make it mathematically impossible for Governor Huckabee to secure the Republican nomination for president…He now needs 950 delegates to secure the required 1,191. But in the remaining contests there are only 774 delegates available. He would need to win 123 percent of remaining delegates.”

So it is official.  Pennsylvania’s uncommitted GOP delegates can pledge to support whoever they want without undermining McCain’s campaign.  They should, then, strike a blow for reform and abstain while expressing their unqualified moral support for the Senator from Arizona.

Or, novelly, they could pledge to support whoever their districts happened to support prior to the Four A poke and prod ethanol boondoggle in IA.

Your disenfranchisement brought to you by heartening bipartisan cooperation in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, and the maneuvering of the state GOP.


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