PA, Race, and Obama + Dueling Democratic Superdelegate Punditry

It has been noted in a variety of places on the wild, woolly world wide webs that Obama wins states that are mostly black, and mostly white.  Things become a bit of a crap-shoot for him when he deals with racially balanced states.

The thinking goes like this:  In a place like South Carolina, the African American population acts like Democrat versions of Patrick Buchanan’s ‘angry citizens with pitchforks.’  In mostly white states, pale liberals all march in lockstep to vote for St. Barack to expiate their racial guilt.

In racially balanced states, though, whites have second thoughts about supporting the ‘black’ candidate, because of the “brothers and sisters are running the city” dynamic.  This dynamic is in Hillary’s favor.  She wants Obama to be portrayed as the ‘black’ candidate in comparatively racially balanced places like Pennsylvania, Texas, and Ohio.

Ed Rendell suggesting some white people just won’t vote for a black guy was not an example of Rendell’s alleged penchant for honesty.  This was a Clinton supporter stoking the racial unrest that benefits his political patron.

As a counterattack, white former PA Lt. Governor Mark Singel is holding a press conference right now announcing his leap aboard the Obama bandwagon.  It will be interesting to see if any Pennsylvania Democratic super-delegates decide to take this opportunity to take the leap with him.

Rush Limbaugh suggests these democratic superdelegates will be critical.  Hillary’s “testicle lockbox” is large, and Clinton ore runs deep in the bedrock of the democratic establishment.  A close delegate count, he says, and the fix will be in for Hillary.  Ramesh Ponnuru, on the other hand, thinks it is GOP wishful thinking to imagine those super-delegates will intentionally bring about a controversial trainwreck.

Rush is usually right.  Ramesh, though, does an admirable job of keeping his head and reining in enthusiastically galloping punditry.  This blogger is not sure who to believe.


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