PA GOP Delegate Candidate List Updated: Districts 1, 2, 8, 14, & 18

The list at the bottom of this page identifying those who are running to be Pennsylvania delegates to the GOP national convention and their stated voting inclinations should they be elected has been updated.

General impressions thus far?  All of those running to be delegates agree the system we use to determine the GOP presidential nominee is absurd.  Most, but not all, would be willing to consider a protest abstention if the entire delegation were to do it.

Since many of these folks are party people– GOP party people that is, not 24 hour party people like these— they don’t really want to rock the boat and cheese off the party leadership.  They are all good Republicans.  I am a good Republican, too.

But most of them seem to wish they could.  They agree change is necessary.

UPDATE:  Got a little work done on district 14, too.  Here there be Huckabee supporters!


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