PA State GOP Committee: Please Don’t Ask Us To Help

Before the weekend, I contacted the state GOP to ask if they could help me with my project of documenting all people running to be delegates to the GOP national convention.  All these people filed as Republicans, right?  So I figured the state party should have contact information for all of them.

While the particular person I talked to at State GOP HQ was relatively helpful, he had to inform me he was not allowed to give me a full list of those folks with contact information.  Remember:  I am a county level committeeman.

He also unofficially suggested that he suspected the state GOP would be generally unsupportive of my project, and suggested this project was probably a waste of time.  He didn’t even care to receive my list upon its completion!  He did, though, encourage me to advocate one of the reform proposals put forward at the national level, which is good and constructive advice.  But it seems I can’t find any of these reforms on the national party’s web site.  Perhaps they think this will be an issue that really animates people between presidential elections.

I have since contacted my local– and very helpful– state GOP representative to see if I can get from him a list of delegation candidates with associated contact information.  His name is Carmen Battavio.  You can contact him too, if you want, at rmancarmen at aol dot com.


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