Congressman & Superdelegate Patrick Murphy: I Don’t Care About My Constituents

Congressman Patrick Murphy was one of the first Congresscritters outside of the state of Illinois to endorse Barack Obama.  His congresscritter status also makes him a democrat super-delegate.

Pimping his new book this morning on Michael Smerconish’s radio program, the subject of his superdelegate vote arose.  [Aside: Is this use of pimping offensive to the book or Rep. Murphy?]  Pennsylvania, you may recall, generally delivers polls with Clinton well ahead of Obama.

He said if his constituents in Bucks County voted for Clinton, he would still cast his superdelegate vote for Obama.  Reflecting the will of the voters is what “delegates are for.”  This is a defensible position, as long as the Dems have the silly anti-democratic system they have.

What is less defensible is when he elaborated that he agreed the super-delegate system was silly, and wished his party had a system more representative of the will of the party’s voters.

So what he’s saying is he can identify the right thing, but the state and his party really ought to craft rules compelling him to do the right thing.  In absence of that compulsion, he’s just going to do what’s good for Patrick Murphy.

One is reminded of St. Augustine: “Grant me chastity and continence, but not yet.”

I know Murphy is something of a rising wunderkind in the Democrat party, but the voters of Bucks County should keep this in mind when casting votes in November.  After all, as his ambitions become larger what other interests of his constituents will he cast aside?


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