Democrats as Unhinged as PA GOP

Did you think pledged democratic delegates were, you know, legally bound to reflect the will of the voters?  If so, you may join me at a lovely table reserved under the name “Naive”.

Here Roger Simon discusses how Team Clinton is beginning to investigate turning delegates to the Democratic Convention already pledged to Obama.  Apparently those delegates are as obligated to reflect the will of their constituents as I am legally obligated to tithe to the Lutheran Church, ie not very.

Does anyone really dispute the necessity of reforming how the major parties nominate presidential candidates?  Does anyone really want this fubar to happen again?


2 responses to “Democrats as Unhinged as PA GOP

  1. Well, artier, that’s quite a list you have there. The individual merits of each accusation aside, I recommend you concentrate on the less fringey ones if your goal is to pursuade those who are teachable.

    If your goal is to provide red meat, though, you have done an admirable job!

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