Another PA GOP Loophole: Alternate Delegates

Continuing on my research to be found here on who is running to be an uncommitted PA GOP delegate to the national convention, and how he or she intends to dispose of their responsibilities there, yet another loophole of sorts in the process was pointed out to me.

You’ll note this year there are over 200 about 190 people running to be delegates to the GOP convention from Pennsylvania.  I’m no student of this insane apparatus, but that seems like an awful lot to me.

What I didn’t think of was this:  Some of them may get elected, but be unable to find the $4000 or so necessary to actually attend.  If that happens, an alternate takes the slot.  And that’s an additional dozens of people to keep track of!

So not only are voters expected to know how the delegates are inclined to dispose themselves at the convention, but they are expected to know how potential alternates will as well.

Luckily, I have learned the state GOP is beginning to coordinate an effort to record all this information.  So I have help, apparently, and intend to join in their effort.  The results, I hope, will be published at the link above.

The state GOP, of course, is interested in ensuring endorsed candidates win.  Which is fine.  The whole western part of the Commonwealth, though, does not do endorsements.  Or at least has not up until this point.  How the state party, then, intends to promote some candidates over others out in that neck of the woods remains a mystery to me.

Seriously.  Does anyone think this is a good system?


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