Clinton Underfiled Her Pledged PA Delegates

Pennsylvania political guru and my rabbi on matters procedural, Terry Madonna, indirectly pointed out an article to me on how badly the Clinton campaign is scrambling here in Pennsylvania.

This piece indicates the recent petition extension by Ed Rendell had nothing to do with the weather and everything to do with the Clinton campaign’s incompetence.

Last week all primary petitions were due in Pennsylvania.  The weather was iffy in spots, but I drive a hinky Saab with 120k miles on it with only one headlight, and I managed to get my petitions in on time.

The Clinton campaign, though, did not manage to get a full slate of their pledged delegate petitions in on time.  Clinton supporter and Governor Ed Rendell gifted them a deadline extension, and they still ended up 10% short.

This does not affect the math any, as party rules indicate they will still get whatever is their due.  Still…Clinton has staked her campaign on success in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  And this is the best they can muster?  Was everyone huddling on how best to manufacture specious plagiarism charges on Obama?

In the PA GOP presidential primary, delegate candidates are not attached to anyone, and have to run around under their own steam to get necessary signatures for their petitions.  Almost as many signatures as a representative in the General Assembly has to get!

The GOP overfiled by over 300% with over 190 delegates for 62 slots.  Clinton underfiled– after an extension– by 10%.

To steal Terry’s quip, maybe Hillary could borrow some of the GOP’s delegates.


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