PA Democratic Superdelegate Movement: Clinton Rules As More Commit

For the following, thanks go to Josh at The Morning Call, and his western compatriots at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

There’s been some PA Democratic super-delegate shuffling, with Hillary adding a couple, losing one to undecided, and Obama adding one.  In the end, though, Ms. Clinton still dominates the field 13 to 3.  As always, this is the page with the running count for both the Democratic superdelegates, and the GOP delegation candidates.

The one Obama added was, according to the Inky, Philadelphia Councilwoman and DNC member Carole Ann Campbell.  Here she is with Bill in happier times for the Clintons:


She chatted with Michelle Obama for about 90 minutes, and apparently agreed that nothing much has happened in America over the last twenty years inspiring pride of country.  At least of this country.


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