GOP Delegate Project: Still Suspended

Just a quick update on my GOP delegate project:  Spent a few moments with the GOP Chester County Executive Director yesterday afternoon as I was plotting with our candidate of PA House 157 and our area’s brain trust.  Delightful group of folks, and a good time was had by all.  We are lucky to have Guy Ciarrocchi running.

Anyway, she mentioned she had not heard back from the State Committee yet on who was compiling GOP delegate information, and whether or not I could help them and publish the results here.  So I am going to be a dutiful soldier and accept my orders to do nothing on that project for a couple more days.

Remember, though, contacting all of these delegation candidates will be a big project, and take time.  If I don’t hear from them soon, I will have to start freelancing again.

And a quick note to party members who may be reading this:  I cannot be dissuaded from this project with an argument claiming delegates can’t possibly know in March what they will do at the convention in the summer.  This very case was forcefully made to me by one delegation candidate who clearly forgot that voters were supposed to evaluate candidates in April.

Absent some knowledge about how a delegation candidate plans to deport his or herself over the summer in St. Paul, how are voters in April supposed to decide who will represent them at the convention?  Ballot position and hair color?


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