PA Dem. Superdelegate Leon Lynch Backs Obama

Josh over at the Morning Call has brought to my attention the news that DNC member and Pennsylvania super-delegate Leon Lynch has endorsed Obama.

According to this story at the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, this retired VP of the United Steelworkers of America is not only supporting Obama, but will also lobby his former union to endorse him as well.  Lynch– and his union– were supporters of John Edwards.  My PA tabulation here has been updated accordingly.

While this is bad anecdotal news for Ms. Clinton, it could be worse, as Mr. Lynch happens to be a black guy.  So while Mr. Lynch is a union man, he may not be part of a distressing trend for her campaign.  Obama’s recent winning streak has at least partly been due to the fact that white, male democrats have been breaking his way.  If that trend continues here in the Commonwealth, she’s cooked.


3 responses to “PA Dem. Superdelegate Leon Lynch Backs Obama

  1. People need to ask themselves who would best run the country on all the important issues, not just make their mind up over one issue. The steelworkers need their jobs ,but OBAMA is not the answer. Do we really want to vote for someone with more terrorist ties than our current president…especially when we are at war with terrorist? Do we really think OBAMA wants the same things that we the people want? check out this web site…and don’t make up your mind untill you do.

  2. The last POST was so STUPID..It (ALMOST) does not warrant a response.
    Obama is no Terrorist – You IDIOT !

  3. Yay! Let’s start a flame war. I’m a little weak with the posting lately.

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