Dem Superdelegates Who Hold Political Office Trending Obama

Democratic superdelegates will decide the nomination.  Furthermore, as noted here, they don’t generally see their role as simply validating whoever has the lead in pledged delegates.

That said, according this piece on [ht K-Lo in the Corner] recent superdelegate momentum has been towards St. Barack.  Anecdotally, it still seems electability is the main concern.

Who’s electability, though?  This recent momentum for Obama seems to be mostly from superdelegates that are also pols seeking votes.  Importantly, it seems to be from pols seeking votes with constituencies that have bought into the numinous Obama’s campaign of change you can merely hope will arrive in the fullness of time endured through faith in St. Barack’s facility in immanentizing the eschaton.

So these recent superdelegates are moving towards Obama simply because they want to avoid a primary challenge.  In practice, they are merely validating the pledged delegate count, which is precisely what they seem to claim they shouldn’t do.

I guess the real question is what the superdelegates who don’t hold elective office do.


3 responses to “Dem Superdelegates Who Hold Political Office Trending Obama

  1. You have no comments yet because at the top there is specification that says—-no comments duh.

  2. Why is Sen OBama referred to as “St. Barrack”?

  3. Because many of Sen. Obama’s supporters seem to have a religious conviction in his ability to bring heaven to Earth.

    This conviction is most properly reserved for saints and other spiritual leaders, so I have canonized him!

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