IA Delegates for Edwards May Take My Advice. Sort of.

Iowa has a habit of kicking off our primary party.  What didn’t used to matter is the fact the caucus delegates determined back in the dead of winter don’t become officially determined until this Saturday.

Hillary, you may recall, finished third in those winter caucuses.  This inspired her to start an anti-caucus tune in the aftermath, which she has turned into a refrain sure to become as much an ohrwurm as persistent as “All Your Base Are Belong To Us“.  Obama wins caucuses.  Hillary doesn’t.  So Hillary thinks caucuses are anti-democratic.  I happen to agree.

This rubs those Iowans the wrong way, though, and now Hillary wouldn’t mind peeling off those Edwards delegates when they get locked in tomorrow at the Iowa State Democratic Convention.

Turns out, according to this report in the NY Daily News, those delegates pledged to Edwards may just come out of the state convention sticking with the pretty trial lawyer.  And why shouldn’t they?  That’s who a number of Iowans supported, right?

Would it me importunate of me to point out, here, how awesome it would be if people just all had a change to vote for their party’s nominee, and we counted the votes, and nominated the winner?


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