Democrat Superdelegate Update

The page on this site tracking PA’s superdelegates has some updates informed by Josh’s ruminatin’ here.  No new commitments, just noting a few leans.

Josh’s post is especially amusing, as he feigns confusion over Sen. Casey’s tentativeness is supporting a candidate.  What?  Casey is unable to boldly articulate an opinion on something?  Why, that’s as rare as the Phillies having a mediocre April!

[note for out of towners: the Phillies always suck in April]


2 responses to “Democrat Superdelegate Update

  1. Popular vote vs. delegates …

    Obama and his supporters keep saying that the democratic nominee should be the one who gets the most popular votes … not super delegates. But, in addition to Obama accepting Richardson’s delegate vote, even though Hillary won the popular vote in New Mexico … it’s apparent that if Obama’s 20 year association with racist Wright (and indirect association with Farrakan) had been known a year ago by the public … Obama would not have gained a lead in the popular vote … in fact, he probably wouldn’t even still be in the race at all!

  2. “Delegatology”, the Clinton’s art of denial…

    In a desperate search for ideas and justifications as to why Hillary should remain in the race, the Clinton camp is specializing in “DELEGATOLOGY”, the “art of categorising delegates for the sole purpose of finding a category where you can lead.”

    From the original pledged delegates and super delegates, the Clintons have discovered a new species of delegate–such as “caucus” delegates, “primary” delegates, “appointed” delegates, up-for-grab delegates. Well, I would like to bring to the attention of the co-Chairs of the “NEW SCHOOL OF DELEGATOLOGY” Dean William “Slick Willy” Clinton and Dean Hillary “under-Sniper-Fire-in-Boinia” Clinton, another type of delegate for consideration: THE-LEANING-TOWARDS- SUPER-DELEGATES.

    By polling all remaining uncommited super delegates with only one question- WHO ARE YOU LEANING TOWARD? such polling will yield a very surprising answer that will be very disappointing for the CLINTONS.

    Contrary to common belief, an uncommited superdelegate is not 100% undecided or for that matter confused. From my point of view, an uncommited delegate is JUST A VERY POLITE DELEGATE unwilling to hurt Hillary’s feelings. A so called uncommitted delegate is actually A LEANING TOWARD DELEGATE or in other words a Obama supporter.

    Here is why:

    Fact 1- We all know that Hillary is trailling behind Barack in the pledged delegates counts and the popular votes.

    Fact 2- In order for Hillary to overcome Obama’s lead she will need to win all remaining contests with at least 56% of the vote.

    Fact 3- In order to win the ten (10) remaining contests, Hillary must gather momentum entering and following the Pennsylvannia race.

    Fact 4 – For Hillary to gather that much momentum going into the Pennsylvania primary, she will need to roll out one, two or more super delegates in order to ingnite her momentum and renew potential voter confidence.
    Fact 5- More than fifty super-delegates have joined the OBAMA camp, since super Tuesday in contrast to the CLINTON camp, which has lost fews

    Number four (4) and five (5) are where Hillary is out of luck. Not one super delegate out of remaining 366 uncommitted super delegates is willing to stick his or her neck out to help her at this critical moment.

    Let’s think about it for a moment. If you were a super delegate and a secret Clinton supporter would you not come out and endorse her at this moment just to show some sort of support and encouragement? Obviously this is now the time when she needs help the most. As badly as she is bruised, super delegate endorsements are critical to boost her campaign. But no one out of 336 remaining super delegates is willing to come out to endorse her to show support or even pity. This is a clear indication that her candidacy does not have much support among the remaining 336 uncomitted super delegates. No super delegate is willing to do what Bill Richardson did so elegantly and timely for Obama when he needed it the most.

    My friend look no further, no super delagate is leaning toward supporting her candidacy at this point. Thus, we can therefore safely say that SENATOR BARACK OBAMA is now head in:


    Omar Arouna

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