Bob Casey Endorses Obama

What a weasel.

Bob Casey, you may or may not know, has not met an issue or controversy on which he can avoid fleeing, lest he reveal his characteristically equivocating and vapid core.

So after insisting he would avoid endorsing a presidential candidate, he changed his mind.  And rather than endorse the candidate the large majority of his constituents tends to prefer, he decided to boldly get behind the national front-runner, apparently hoping to curry favor with St. Barack and lessen Clinton’s eventual victory in Pennsylvania

Of course, the percentage of people who really care about Bob Casey’s opinion is only marginally higher than the percentage of people– like me– who think much more highly of McCain because Phil Gramm is a close adviser.

Casey is, again, such a weasel.

2 responses to “Bob Casey Endorses Obama

  1. huntingdonpost

    Vapid love vapid, I guess.

    Here’s some good news: Hillary Clinton took the time out of this race to introduce into the Senate the bill to support UNFPA. Neither Sen. Obama nor Sen. McCain, as far as I know, introduced any legislation while on the campaign trail, and this particular legislation demonstrates her genuine commitment to motherhood, to safe health care for everyone (not just in the U.S.), and foreign affairs at the level of real people’s lives.

  2. Don’t vote for the Muslim. Did you listen to Bin Laudin? They will get us from the inside.

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