Updates on PA GOP Delegate Preferences

This page has been updated, accounting for all the GOP delegation candidates supporting Ron Paul, according to this link.

Jim McHale, running to be a delegate in the 16th district, got his start as a Paul supporter.  Upon witnessing more intimately the bursting inanity of Pennsylvania’s primary system is he decided the right thing to do was to simply reflect the will of his district.  He informs me, though, that in order to be designated a “Pennsylvania Patriot for Ron Paul” one has to agree to vote for Dr. Paul at the GOP convention regardless of the will of the district one represents.

I mention this because when I spoke to some of those people they claimed they would try and represent their constituents rather than the interests of Ron Paul.  So either they were lying to me, or they are being less than truthful with the Paul campaign.

So unless you hear otherwise from me, the people indicated as Paul supporters on that grid intend to vote for Ron Paul, which is absolutely their prerogative.  It is, of course, also incumbent to them to be honest with the voters about their intentions, and I am beginning to have my doubts about their veracity.

Your mileage may vary.


8 responses to “Updates on PA GOP Delegate Preferences

  1. Pennsylvania for Huckabee!

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  3. Just one typo–I am running in the 6th Congressional District, not the 16th. But other than that you got all the facts right and the situation’s essence.

    Thanks for keeping people updated on this very important election.

  4. Karl,

    16th CD delegate candidate here – I spoke with you two months ago regarding my support for Dr. Paul. A correction: I am not aware of the “Pennsylvania Patriots for Ron Paul” designation you reference, and I have not made any “agreement” of the kind Mr. McHale mentioned. You will recall that I told you I would make no commitments until the convention, although I was (and remain) unlikely to vote for McCain (this was prior to Huckabee’s withdrawal). You are absolutely correct to list me as a Paul supporter, but incorrect to assume that all candidates listed as such have made formal agreements of some kind, or that those who indicated a willingness to consider election results were being dishonest.

    BTW, “representing the interests of Ron Paul” is not the goal of any candidate I know. I have spoken with hundreds of Republicans in my district, and the fact is very few support McCain at all. I drive all over Lancaster County and I can say without question that with only 5 days to the election, I’ve only seen one McCain sign other than in front of the county GOP headquarters. Most feel that our primary is too late to have any effect at all. The point we are making is that while a presidential vote may be irrelevant, the delegate vote doesn’t have to be. The endorsed delegate candidates from this district are well-known politicians who do not represent the interests of the people. It is foolish to expect the GOP to get back to its small-government conservative roots unless conservatives in the party act to push it that way. This delegate election is just the beginning of that process.


  5. Patrick:

    Thanks for your thoughts. We are largely in agreement regarding the uselessness of our primary, and the specious reasons offered by the GOP State Committee to keep it the way it is.

    You’ll note I was careful not to disparage all of those running to be delegates who support Ron Paul in one way or another, and I have always supported the prerogative of people to do so.

    If, though, one of the major roles of a delegate is to reflect the will of those he or she represents, I find it difficult to justify a vote for Dr. Paul.

    The only vote that makes any sense at all is an abstension, and should you be fortunate enough to win I hope I can pursuade you of this.

    Good luck. You sound like the precise sort of person who should run to be a delegate to the GOP national covention.

    Cheers, Karl

  6. I’m curious how ‘reflecting the will of those you represent’ works with your vote at the convention. The party has done all they can to marginalize Dr Paul and this primary which is why there was a poor turnout.

    On top of that you have the ‘official’ sample ballot which listed McCains name- most voters are sheep who vote whats on that paper. Thats not the will of the people its the will of the party.

    To all delegates I say vote with your head and your heart at the convention. Who is the best person for the job?

  7. Andrew:

    How McCain became the endorsed candidate was this: Members of the state GOP committee– a subset of the overall committee– voted on it. And even amongst *that* population of insiders many were wondering if it was appropriate.

    As for the vote, I recommend delegates stick with my abstension idea. Voting for Dr. Paul is difficult to justify. Even absent the party’s endorsement I find it hard to imagine he would have won a plurality in any congressional district. It is, though, perfectly defensible for a delegate to point out that he or she has no IDEA what the will of his district actually is.

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