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Ten Most Important Superdelegates

Jim Geraghty at NRO has compiled a nice list— with a little commentary– on the ten most important democratic superdelegates.

No. 1 with a bullet is our old friend Al Gore.  Of course, all those in the know suspect there’s a small but real chance that Gore will still end up being the nominee…

Al Gore, Democratic Nominee of the United States…

…brought to you by the invaluable John Derbyshire.

Gore on Ballot Two?

What if the democratic superdelegates decide to not decide?  What if on ballot number one, choosing between Clinton and Obama, they choose to abstain?  Absurd?  Maybe.  In that case, though, it is possible neither one of them would have enough votes to secure the nomination.  This idea is apparently being kicked around [ht Derb at NRO] amongst some of them, with the ultimate goal being an introduction of Al Gore on the second ballot with Obama as his veep.

Hey, he has won the Nobel Peace Prize.  He has national security bona fides.  Obama as his veep would be a shoo-in eight years hence in the unlikely event things went well.  Isn’t this almost exactly what those super-delegates are supposed to be there for?  I know if I were a democratic super-delegate I would find this scenario very, very attractive.