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First GOP Delegate Sign Spotted!

I believe one is only allowed to display yard signs one month or less before an election.  Jim McHale is on his game, because shortly after that deadline I spotted one of his signs at the intersection of Routes 113 and 401, which I presume is in the sixth congressional district, which is mostly in Chester County and Berks County.

While I don’t know anything about Mr. McHale, I hereby endorse his candidacy, which is my prerogative as a committeeman.  He was not one of the rubber-stamp candidates ‘endorsed’ by the local GOP committee, and that’s good enough for me.  As I live in his district, I think I’ll actually be able to vote to send him to the GOP national convention.

Of course, he could be a Paul supporter.  Or perhaps he digs on the Huckster.  Heck, he could be a Bircher for all I know.

What I do know is that he cares more than the endorsed candidates, for whom I’ve seen no signs.  He will also likely be a straw that stirs the drink, and that’s what the GOP needs both here in Pennsylvania and nationally.

(In fact, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and run him some Google ads off of my account, linked directly to this post.  This means if you’re reading this, Jim, you should pop me an e-mail at karlub at yahoo dot com to make sure I’m representing you accurately!)

PA GOP Delegate List Updated: District 1 and District 16 Mostly Done

See the link above asking Who are the Pennsylvania GOP delegates and Democratic Superdelegates; How Will They Vote?  You have a list of all people running to be part of the Pennsylvania delegation to the GOP National Convention, contact information for them, how they foresee themselves executing their delegational responsibilities, if they support a particular candidate, and if they would consider a protest vote.

At least you have this for districts 1 and 16.  This may take a week to finish.

It’s not too hard to figure out which ones are the Paulistas, God bless ’em.  They leave a pretty prominent trail on the innernuts.

Thus far, I find the endorsed delegates surprisingly receptive to at least considering a protest abstention at the convention.  Something along the lines of “We love the presumptive nominee and know he will be the best president in the history of the universe, but our primary system is wack so we abstain in protest.”