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80108 Rudy Thumbcasts From Your Host

I know I’ve been scarce of late.  Slow news weeks coupled with life events have slowed down the posts.  I assure you that was temporary.

One way to vault out of the summer doldrums the Rudy way is to sign up for Giuliani thumbcasts.  A thumbcast is a text message sent to your phone, in this case about the news of the day vis a vis the effort to elect Hizzoner as Commander in Chief.  I have begun writing such thumbcasts for an outfit called 80108 media.

The service is free, and it will indirectly assist the campaign.  How?  Well, as we add subscribers I am marginally compensated financially.  Thus my political activism will be subsidized.  I will do a better job, and it won’t cost the campaign a cent.  As I said, the service is gratis, although as they say at the end of each episode of American Idol, text messaging rates do apply.  Also, these messages are national in scope, not PA-centric.

To sign up, click on the image below, or on the sidebar.  Then select “Campaign ’08” in window 1.  Team Rudy thanks you!

80108 Widget


Non-Partisan Break: Time Warner Opposes Market Forces

I would like to take a moment to pimp a non-partisan issue dear to my heart as one who works with trade publications, and also enjoys reading political journals.

Time Warner is massaging the Postal Board of Governors with their lobbying muscle, hoping to make periodical postal codes about as complicated as our tax code.  One of the results of their proposed revisions will be to lower rates for publishers like Conde Nast which mails issues of Vanity Fair selling designer clothing, and it will be a lot more expensive for trade magazines and political journals to mail out their issues.

The increase could be between $100k – $200k dollars for modestly sized publishers, which will be enough to put some of them out of business.  If this were just the cost of doing business, so be it.  Print is dying.  But these same regulatory revisions will make it cheaper for Time Warner to mail out their bricks of vapidity stuffed with display adverts from vendors already eager to pay them millions of dollars in advertising fees.  To wit, they don’t need their rates lowered.  They should at least play on the same field, especially when using a service subsidized by our tax dollars.

As a free-marketeer nothing burns me more than large companies using their economies of scale not to deliver better products, but to skew the market in their favor.  If you want to learn more about this please click the button below.  If you agree with my take on the issue, please sign their petition.

Stop the Post Office

Your Host on Blogtalk Radio W/Eric Dondero

If anyone is interested I will be advocating for Mayor Giuliani on the “Libertarian Politics Live” blogtalk radio program hosted by Eric Dondero.  It is tonight at 10:30pm EST.  Link here.

Jim Dyke, one of the campaign media directors, was supposed to do it.  But he got called away at the last minute, and will be in an airplane when the show airs.  As I am a former libertarian, it was deemed an acceptable risk to have me pinch hit.

See, I told you politics was like baseball.

Wish me luck.  On the one hand, I like to talk, have lots of opinions roughly commensurate with those of the Giuliani campaign, and know lots of smarty-pants words so tend to work well extemporaneously.  On the down side, I tend to get stage fright.  So we’ll see how it goes!

UPDATE:  I think it went well.  Gentlemen all.  Thanks Eric and Andre!  And I got to share some time with a real politician, Jack Brandenburg, state house republican and general GOP mover and shaker in the great state of Michigan.  He was a part of Romney’s leadership team in Michigan, and recently jumped that ship for Giuliani.  He mentioned on the show he was supporting Romney as a favor to the speaker of the Michigan House, and had always said he would back Giuliani if he decided to run.