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Rudy W/in Margin of Error Against Clinton in PA

So’s McCain, as a matter of fact.  I gotta’ give it to John.  Over the summer when it appeared his campaign ran out of money due to anemic fundraising and mismanagement, I was among the many that wrote him off for dead.  Those were the heady days of conservative revolt over immigration reform, too.

In a recent Quinnipiac poll [HT Keystone Politics] both he and Giuliani now trail Clinton by only two points in a hypothetical general election match-up.  Maybe Hillary’s weaselly non-answer re. driver’s licenses for illegals at that debate had some effect on her numbers.  Actually, I thought her pusillanimous yet haughty response at being “bullied” by the big, mean Tim Russert was more embarrassing.

If she thought that was tough, it’s no wonder she’s never accepted an invitation from Limbaugh or Hewitt.

Also, both Ms. Clinton and Rudy are way out ahead in potential primary polling in this one, like always.  No time to read the internals today, so if you can, and find something interesting, please let me know.

PS: There’s a new PA blogger in the blogroll:  Thousand Points of Right.  He’s a retired NYC firefighter and current PA resident who supports the mayor.  At least he says he is.  The internet’s a wild, woolly place!

If you want an antidote to the conspiratorial venom attacking Giuliani from the current firefighter’s labor union, he’s your man.

Want Cheese w/that Whine, Mitt?

Gee willakers, it seems like my part-time pro-Rudy blogging avocation trends frequently towards Mitt-bashing.  I really wish it didn’t work out that way.  I would love to snark more about McCain, Fred, and the Huckster.

Thing is, Romney makes it so gosh-darned easy.  He won’t give a guy a break.

His campaign recently took time off from suggesting he call Obama “Osama”, and supportingscurrilous anti-Fred Thompson websites to complain to a humble– if establishmentarian– PA blogger about a polygamy joke.

Our friends at Pennsyltucky Politics– that’s the royal “we”, mind you– made a somewhat unoriginal joke at the expense of Romney’s Mormonosity by commenting he and his “17 wives” would be swinging through Philadelphia to scrounge up some donated cash to help offset the mammoth loans he’s giving his own campaign out of his pocket.

Please note that while the joke may be unoriginal, Pennsyltucky Politics is at a disadvantage because we are nowhere near the point where jokes about multiple wives have actually stopped being funny.

Well, Mitt’s communications people have sent Pennstyltucky Politics a mildly scolding note which has apparently inspired a collegial apology. Take it for what you will.

I take it thusly:  If Mormons are so mainstream, and just like everyone else, why skin so thin that they go out of their way to scold a regional blogger?  You think Giuliani gets cranky at Italian jokes?  Do you think he takes criticisms of the Spanish Inquisition personally?

Here, I’ll take a test flight and see if I get a call from Team Rudy: Giuliani is Torquemada to petty drug dealers and transvestite hookers that used to do brisk trade in Times Square.  Disappointed NYT reporters lament this Mayoral mafioso’s ascent.

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