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Updates on PA GOP Delegate Preferences

This page has been updated, accounting for all the GOP delegation candidates supporting Ron Paul, according to this link.

Jim McHale, running to be a delegate in the 16th district, got his start as a Paul supporter.  Upon witnessing more intimately the bursting inanity of Pennsylvania’s primary system is he decided the right thing to do was to simply reflect the will of his district.  He informs me, though, that in order to be designated a “Pennsylvania Patriot for Ron Paul” one has to agree to vote for Dr. Paul at the GOP convention regardless of the will of the district one represents.

I mention this because when I spoke to some of those people they claimed they would try and represent their constituents rather than the interests of Ron Paul.  So either they were lying to me, or they are being less than truthful with the Paul campaign.

So unless you hear otherwise from me, the people indicated as Paul supporters on that grid intend to vote for Ron Paul, which is absolutely their prerogative.  It is, of course, also incumbent to them to be honest with the voters about their intentions, and I am beginning to have my doubts about their veracity.

Your mileage may vary.


GOP Superdelegate Project; Time; Local Campaigns

Dedicated readers will have noticed an interruption in my GOP superdelegate project.  To refresh your memory, I am endeavoring to make a matter of public record all people running to be GOP delegates from Pennsylvania to the national convention, and how they plan to dispose of their responsibilities there.

This is necessary because they are uncommitted, and the GOP seems pretty uninterested in providing this information to regular GOP voters.  You know, those people the party expects to pull straight GOP tickets with the same circumspection drunk grandmothers use at slot machines in Atlantic City.

Alas, both work and alternate political interests have slowed me down.  Among those interests are working for the GOP candidates in my area:  Admiral Steve Kantrowitz for PA Senate 19, Mr. Guy Ciarrocchi in PA House 157, and Representative Gerlach.  You will soon find links to their sites on the right.  Please note Guy’s official campaign site is not up just yet.

I resolve, though, to have a roughly complete list by the end of the month, giving voters three weeks to find it.  To that end, though, if anyone feels like helping, please get in touch at karlub at yahoo dot com.

PA GOP Delegate Candidate List Updated: Districts 1, 2, 8, 14, & 18

The list at the bottom of this page identifying those who are running to be Pennsylvania delegates to the GOP national convention and their stated voting inclinations should they be elected has been updated.

General impressions thus far?  All of those running to be delegates agree the system we use to determine the GOP presidential nominee is absurd.  Most, but not all, would be willing to consider a protest abstention if the entire delegation were to do it.

Since many of these folks are party people– GOP party people that is, not 24 hour party people like these— they don’t really want to rock the boat and cheese off the party leadership.  They are all good Republicans.  I am a good Republican, too.

But most of them seem to wish they could.  They agree change is necessary.

UPDATE:  Got a little work done on district 14, too.  Here there be Huckabee supporters!

PA GOP Delegate List Updated: District 1 and District 16 Mostly Done

See the link above asking Who are the Pennsylvania GOP delegates and Democratic Superdelegates; How Will They Vote?  You have a list of all people running to be part of the Pennsylvania delegation to the GOP National Convention, contact information for them, how they foresee themselves executing their delegational responsibilities, if they support a particular candidate, and if they would consider a protest vote.

At least you have this for districts 1 and 16.  This may take a week to finish.

It’s not too hard to figure out which ones are the Paulistas, God bless ’em.  They leave a pretty prominent trail on the innernuts.

Thus far, I find the endorsed delegates surprisingly receptive to at least considering a protest abstention at the convention.  Something along the lines of “We love the presumptive nominee and know he will be the best president in the history of the universe, but our primary system is wack so we abstain in protest.”