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National Review & GOP Convention Abstensions

Interestingly, there was a note on abstaining in my most recent issue if National Review, in its “The Week” section.

The editors noted that delegates are permitted to abstain.  They were remarking on how this may come in handy when it comes to for the GOP to settle on a veep selection.  But abstaining is in the air…

Democratic Superdelegates: We Don’t Care About Pledged Delegates

Here’s a piece in the Post [ht Rich Lowry in The Corner] suggesting that the main criterion for the remaining uncommitted democratic superdelegates will be electability.  One can debate which democratic candidate is more electable, but implicit in that assumption is that a marginal lead among pledged delegates will not account for much.

A couple of Pennsylvania’s remaining uncommitted superdelegates include Democrat party-liner Mike Doyle, and Senator Bob Casey.  The former was harassed on Super Bowl Sunday by a call from Bill Clinton, showing the GOP is not alone in being out of touch with the priorities if the average American.

Bob Casey shows his characteristic inability to lead anyone, or say anything of substance, when he says “When you have that much at stake and you have two historic figures, it’s going to be difficult to unify the party, and I think we’re going to need people in the middle who can bring people together.”

As Oregon Secretary of State and superdelegate Bill Bradbury said in that piece , “I just believe that the determining factor for superdelegates shouldn’t be, ‘Well, 49 percent voted for Hillary and 51 percent voted for Obama, and that decides it for us.’ Sorry, but that’s not how it works.”

Or, how Sen. Bingaman of New Mexico put it: “If superdelegates were just intended to automatically vote for the preference someone else expressed, there wouldn’t be any purpose…”

So, here we have the leaders of the Democrat party being rather insouciant about the will of actual democrats.  Of course, they could also argue that will is impossible to divine, as many of Obama’s pledged delegates are from caucuses rather than primaries.  A process like this makes elections in Pakistan, Russia, and Guatemala seem bursting with rectitude by comparison.

Mike Doyle from Pennsylvania channeled the spirit of this blog: “You’re going to see a lot of delegates remaining uncommitted…There’s a sense that this is going to Denver not resolved.”

People:  This is how the leader of the free world is elected.

Democrats as Unhinged as PA GOP

Did you think pledged democratic delegates were, you know, legally bound to reflect the will of the voters?  If so, you may join me at a lovely table reserved under the name “Naive”.

Here Roger Simon discusses how Team Clinton is beginning to investigate turning delegates to the Democratic Convention already pledged to Obama.  Apparently those delegates are as obligated to reflect the will of their constituents as I am legally obligated to tithe to the Lutheran Church, ie not very.

Does anyone really dispute the necessity of reforming how the major parties nominate presidential candidates?  Does anyone really want this fubar to happen again?

PA GOP Delegate Candidate List Updated: Districts 1, 2, 8, 14, & 18

The list at the bottom of this page identifying those who are running to be Pennsylvania delegates to the GOP national convention and their stated voting inclinations should they be elected has been updated.

General impressions thus far?  All of those running to be delegates agree the system we use to determine the GOP presidential nominee is absurd.  Most, but not all, would be willing to consider a protest abstention if the entire delegation were to do it.

Since many of these folks are party people– GOP party people that is, not 24 hour party people like these— they don’t really want to rock the boat and cheese off the party leadership.  They are all good Republicans.  I am a good Republican, too.

But most of them seem to wish they could.  They agree change is necessary.

UPDATE:  Got a little work done on district 14, too.  Here there be Huckabee supporters!

Like Mitt or McCain? If Not, Vote for Uncommitted.

Welcome to PA For Uncommitted Delegates.  This blog’s purpose is to encourage Pennsylvania’s delegates to the national party conventions to remain uncommitted, and if the choice of the nominee is fait accompli, to abstain in protest of the insane and anti-democratic way we select the President of the United States.

This blog was born out of Mayor Giuliani’s abortive run at the Presidency.  If you are interested for historical reasons in my meager place in that endeavor, go visit PA for Hizzoner, which briefly attained notice.

My interest in  Giuliani’s candidacy led me to what seems to me what Newt would call an “80% issue”.  This is an issue that virtually everyone can agree on that politicians would be wise to “stand next to and smile.”

For me, that issue is our asinine primary system, which we will discuss at some length here.

Perhaps more controversially, I am animated by how our major political parties seem to internally select candidates their broader constituencies find lacking.

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